About Me

Hi! I'm Emma, a wedding and portrait photographer based in my hometown of Mobile, Alabama. I love capturing life's most meaningful moments whether that be marrying the love of your life, welcoming your first child into the world, or sharing a 50th wedding anniversary with your children and grandchildren.

Documenting these special memories and developing them into heartfelt, genuine, and timeless images is why I'm here, and is the BEST part about my job as a photographer.

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Behind the lens

How Emma Pitts Photography Started

If you would have told me when I graduated from Spring Hill College that I would be a wedding and portrait photographer and small business owner, I would have never believed you. Now, I can't imagine my life doing anything else! Thank you to all my family, friends, and clients for helping bring this dream to life.

After taking a photography class in college, I immediately fell in love with the art form. I have always treasured taking pictures and have always been that friend to document all the special events and birthday parties. Looking back through old photo albums brings so much joy to my heart. My favorite kinds of photos are the ones where you can feel the emotions captured come to life. This is why I always strive to capture my couples authentic emotions during sessions so you can feel their love and hear their laughter with each and every photo.

My grandmother, I call her "Mema", is one of the most influential people in my life. She has taught me everything from baking her famous banana chocolate chip muffins, to navigating the world with her sage advice. She has been one of my biggest supporters and greatest advocates. When I started my photography business, she was the most excited! I credit her for my love of photography. Everywhere Mema goes she always has her red Canon digital camera. She captures everything she sees, whether it be a beautiful flower blooming or my sister's soccer games, she is always taking pictures. Thank you, Mema, for sharing your love of photography with me!

About You

EPP Brides look for timeless, joyful, and genuine photography for their wedding day. She loves a well-structured timeline, but also wants a stress-free wedding day filled with lots of love and pure joy.

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